Meet Your Candidates – 28 Sep 16

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Sep 242016

It’s Election time for the ACT Legislative Assembly and this month is a “Meet the Candidates” night at our Public Meeting.

The meeting will be held on Wednesday 28 September at 7.30 pm at St Jude’s Primary School Hall in Mulley Street, Holder. 

This is your opportunity to come along and meet the Candidates for Murrumbidgee [Our Electorate] and listen and ask questions of them.  We have asked Louise Maher of ABC 666 [and a resident of Weston Creek] to moderate the evening and we are very thankful to her for doing this again for our Community.

There have been plenty of promises from the major political parties in the lead-up to this election.  Whatever the make-up of the Assembly, we need to hold the politicians to account for the promises that they have made.

A list of attending candidates include:
Liberal Party:
• Jeremy Hanson
• Giulia Jones
• Peter Hosking
• Jessica Adelan-Langford
• Paul House

Labor Party:
• Chris Steel
• Mark Kulasingham

Greens Party:
• Caroline Le Couteur
• Emma Davidson

Community Alliance Party:

• Michael Lindfield

Liberal Democrats Party:
• Said to be sending two Candidates

Australian Sex Party:
• Said to be sending two Candidates

Sustainable Australia Party:

• Mark O’Connor

Like Canberra Party

• Rod Vickers
• Shelley Dickerson


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Sep 052016

Are you a commuter or wish to visit the City during the day.

Would you like to travel into the City directly in 18 minutes.

Not have to pay for parking

Take advantage of a service that runs every 30 mins in both directions

Then the new ACTION 182 service is for you.

The service originates at Woden BUT the last stop is at the Park and Ride at Kirkpatrick St, North Weston. Here is where the car can be parked at no charge and no permit required. You can join the bus for a journey directly into the City.


Update: Weston Creek Dog Park

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Aug 192016

dogPark1In the 2016 ACT Budget there was a small item ‘a new Dog Park for Weston Creek’.  The ACT Government have now provided further information, including possible locations: Holder; Chapman & Waramanga.

The Weston Creek Community Council is totally opposed to the proposed site for a Dog Park off Weingarth Street at Holder Neighbourhood Oval.  Council’s view is that you can’t place a Dog Park in the middle of a Residential Area.  Council wants Holder Neighbourhood Oval to remain as it is – a valuable resource to the neighbourhood.  We have lost too much Green Space within neighbourhoods over the years and this in reality would be another loss to those who go there.  We have seen the Ovals at the Old Holder High School disappear, parts of the Stirling Oval complex as well and we don’t want to lose more valuable green space in the middle of the suburb.  Like the other Dog Parks in Canberra, any Dog park for Weston Creek needs to be on the edge of the suburban area.

The Government is undertaking a survey now so please have your say on this by going to https://www.yoursay.act.gov.au/new-weston-creek-dog-park and have your say.

We are having a presentation of the proposed Dog Park areas for Weston Creek and Molonglo to our Public Meeting to be held on Wednesday 31 August at 7.30 pm at St Judes Primary School Hall in Mulley Street in Holder.  The presentation on the Dog Parks will be on around 8.15 to 8.30 following our Annual General Meeting and a Presentation on the Basin Priority Project.  So come along and listen to the presentation.

WCCC Meetings Survey

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Aug 052016

surveyYou may recall the Weston Creek Community Council moved the location of the Monthly Public meeting from the Weston Club to the St Jude’s Primary School hall in Holder September 2015. We moved to Holder as it offered better disability access, was not as noisy as the Weston Club and provide good parking.

We now want to ask you whether the move achieved the objectives and whether there are other things we can do to help you attend our monthly meetings.

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Jul 252016

waiting-list-2When there is a new building proposed close to your home or in the near vicinity it can be difficult to know what can and cant be built. When a new building is proposed a Development Application  is usually lodged although certain developments are exempt from this requirement.

The rules applying to a Development Application are complex and can be difficult to access but the resulting building could affect your lifestyle so it may be important that you make a comment.

The aim these provisions is to provide a balance between ‘certainty’ and ‘flexibility’.

One of the important  provisions is the Plot Ratio which is used to control the scale of a development. It is calculated by dividing the area of the site by the gross floor area of the proposed building. This can be particularly important in a primarily residential area.

Click for an Overview of the ACT Planning system which may help you understand the process better.