Dec 222014

The long-awaited Weston master plan will pin-point the chosen site for a new petrol station to the north of the town centre.

Set to be released by Planning Minister Mick Gentleman, the document shows in the next 10 years, the government could close off Trenerry Street from Brierly Street for cars.

It also allows for the possible expansion of the existing Cooleman Court, the possible co-location of a community and health hub, and considers converting the oval into a nature conservation wetland.

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Jun 222014

The development of the Weston Group Centre Draft Master Plan has now been released by the ACT Government.   ACT Government is conducting community engagement events that include  sessions at The Centre Court, Cooleman Court Weston Creek  on Saturday 28 June 2014, 10am-2pm and Saturday 26 July 2014, 10am-2pm.

An unmanned stand will also be on display at Cooleman Court and Woden Library for the duration of the consultation (17 June 2014 – 10 August 2014).

The Weston Creek Community Council is arrangeing for a presentation to be given at its 30 July meeting.

Details of the proposed master plan are availble here …

Mar 282014

cooleman1cooleman2aRoads ACT made a presentation to the Public meeting of the Weston Creek Community Council on 26 March outlining the proposal for an additional 80 parking spaces adjacent to Cooleman Court.  54 are proposed in Dillon Close and 26 in Liardet Street where the parallel parking will be made into 90 degree parking.  This proposal will go to Government as part of this years budget process.

Council welcomes the additional parking places proposal – it is an issue that Council first raised with Government in 2009 and would hope that this is fully funded in this year’s budget deliberations.  Your Chair has had some informal discussions with the Minister for Territories and Municipal Services in indicating Council’s wishes for the 80 places to be funded and provided to ease the parking burden around Cooleman Court with the influx of people into the suburbs of Wright and Coombs.

Jul 252013

The Woden/Weston Creek Community Hub study team will be holding a drop-in consultation session at Cooleman Court (upstairs) on Wednesday 31 July from 1.30-5.30pm. The purpose of the consultations will be to advise interested persons of the study’s objectives and to obtain feedback on the frequency of use of community facilities, activities and services provided at both Woden Town Centre and Weston Group Centre.

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Charity Bin Pilot Project

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Jul 242012

TAMS are undertaking trial measures to combat the illegal dumping through the “Charity Bins Pilot Project”. The Pilot Project will test two main strategies – “enhanced enforcement” and “practice change”. This Pilot will run from 1 August until 28 February 2013. the intent is to collect data on the amount of illegal dumping within selected areas and monitor how different strategies may effect the incidence of illegal dumping in trail regions.

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