Mar 262012

TeesdaleThe Council has been advised of two happenings relating to Teesdale Place, Stirling.   The Labour Club has been granted approval to ‘payout the concession’ in relation to the land at Teesdale Place and the Economical Development Directorate (ACT Government) has announced that it intends to release the land next to the Labor Club in Teesdale Place.  The land identified for release is zoned as CZ6, Leisure and Accommodation Zone that includes a range of uses aimed at providing for the development of entertainment, accommodation and leisure facilities for residents of and visitors to the ACT and surrounding region.  Residents comments are sought by Government by COB 14 May 2012.  (click image to enlarge)

Stirling Street Lights:

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Jun 022011

There is an outage with street lights in parts of Stirling, particularly along parts of Fremantle Drive. TAMS are responsible and have asked ACTEWAgl to fix the problem as quickly as possible. ACTEWAgl have confirmed that there is a cable fault in the area but have yet to isolate the fault. They have this work as a high priority and are working on finding and then repairing the fault. When the fault is found there is a need to gain the necessary cable clearances to undertake the repairs. No time frame can be given at this stage until the fault is identified.

Stirling Developments – 2010

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Jul 302010


There are four development activities current taking place or planned around Fremantle Drive Stirling during 2010-2011 with the most recent activity being the planned sell-off of land adjacent to the Labor Club in Teesdale Place.  These developments have the potential to change parking and traffic flow arrangements around Fremantle Drive, Crowder Circuit and Teesdale Place

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Jul 232010

The Canberra Labor Club is considering pursuing a proposal to deconcessionalise the Crown lease for its site at Stirling. The proposal is stated to be for property management purposes and would not alter the current use of the site.

The Weston Creek Labor Club is hosting two public consultation sessions to present and discuss the Proposal on Monday 2 Aug and Wednesday 4 Aug between 6-8pm. Further details are available here » ….