Mar 202017

The Public Housing Taskforce has identified sites in Holder, Chapman and Wright for public housing. These sites are part of an initiative to ‘pepper and salt’ new public housing through the city with small-scale quality accommodation.

Weston Creek Community Council was only advised formally of these sites on the day of Minister Berry’s media release. Continue reading »

Only Rain Down the Drain

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Mar 142017

Everything that goes down the stormwater drain ends up in our lakes and rivers. Poor water quality affects everyone, including our local wildlife. As part of a new education program called H2OK: Keeping our waterways healthy, Canberrans and residents in the surrounding regions are being called on to take action and help stop rubbish and other pollutants going down the stormwater drain. Here are a few ways residents can help be the solution for water pollution in the urban residential areas of the capital region: Continue reading »

Road Works Update

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Feb 282017

Works on Hindmarsh Drive including installing traffic lights at the junctions with Launceston Street aad Egglestone Crescent ar due to be completed in June 2017.

The Cotter Road Stage 2 duplication works are currently due for completion in January 2018. This includes work on the new shared path connection.

Green Bin Trial

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Feb 232017

First you had to express an interest NOW it is time to register. SO sign up now.

Residents living in the suburbs of Chapman, Duffy, Fisher, Holder, Rivett, Stirling, Waramanga, Weston and Kambah are now able to register to be part of the pilot.

Residents who opt-in to register will receive a 240 litre lime-green lidded green waste bin starting from March 2017 for all their garden vegetation waste. Kerbside collections will start in April 2017.

A one-off fee of $50 will be required at the time of registering, unless you are a concession card holder.

How do I get a lime-green lidded green waste bin? If you wish to opt-in to receive your green waste bin, please register through the smart form via Access Canberra at the following link www.act.gov.au/greenbins or alternatively you can contact Access Canberra on 13 22 81 who can assist you with your application.

Please note that you must register for the service even if you previously expressed interest in the green waste pilot.

Feb 232017

Using Action buses is a cost effective transport option. and there is no need to find a carpark and pay for parking.

Leave the car for free at the Park and Ride at Kirkpatrick Street and catch the Route 182 bus for a 15 minute ride directly to Civic. There is a bus every half hour both into and out of the city.

MY WAY Card and FARES – ACTION Buses use a MyWay smartcard prepaid ticketing system as well as accepting cash fares. If you are a concession holder or a senior travel is free in off peak periods.