Submission on the proposed Dog Park in Duffy

In broad terms Council welcomes the proposal and believes that it will bring a number of benefits to the Weston Creek and Molonglo communities.  Council does have a few concerns over access from Warragamba Avenue and the Bi-Centennial Trail Crossing.  Council is also pleased with the discussions with Officials in relation to where this Park should be located. Continue reading

Submission on Master Plan for the Stromlo Forest Park

The Weston Creek Community Council welcomes the latest Master Plan for the Stromlo Forest Park.  The new swimming pool would be a welcome addition for all residents of Weston Creek and Molonglo and the road cycling proposal around Mt Stromlo will make life safer for many cyclists who now ride on the roads but we need to ensure that other current users, equestrians,… Continue reading

WCCC Submission on the 2016-17 Budget

WCCC’s major concern in framing the forthcoming ACT Budget is to address the needs of the Weston Creek Community. Some of the services they require have been requested numerous times over a number of years. It is frustrating to observe that they will be provided to the new Molonglo Community or the Woden community and once more the people of… Continue reading