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Weston Creek Community Council use Planning Alerts to provide details of development applications that are notified publicly by the ACT Environment and Planning Directorate – Planning. You can have Planning Alerts send you an email on development applications in your area as they are notified.

The latest public Environment and Planning Directorate – Planning notifications can also be accessed from their site. The following is an extract of the public applications selected by WCCC that principally relate to Holder based on a broad parameter search.
Note: This list may not be completely representative of all Weston Creek DAs. Please refer to the EDP-P site for complete data.

Address: 12 Mulley Street, Holder, ACT

Development Application: 201731569

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR DUAL OCCUPANCY - Proposal for single storey dual occupancy on surrendered block, each with attached double garage, alfresco, landscaping and associated works.
Comment closure date: 2017-06-09

Address: 17 Coane Street, Holder, ACT

Development Application: 201630407

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR MULTI UNIT DEVELOPMENT -LEASE VARIATION - demolition of existing dwelling and associated buildings, construction of 3 new two storey dwellings, landscaping and associated works. Lease Variation to permit 3 dwellings.
Comment closure date: 2016-12-09

Address: 520 Cotter Road, Coombs, ACT

Development Application: 201629704

Desecription: COMMERCIAL. Proposed construction of a transportable office building.
Comment closure date: 2016-07-22

Address: 174 Dixon Drive, Holder, ACT

Development Application: 201221099

Desecription: COMMUNITY FACILITY - CONSTRUCTION - CHILDCARE. Proposed construction of a new Childcare Centre.
Comment closure date: 2012-02-29

Address: 56 Pearson Street, Holder, ACT

Development Application: 201120285

Desecription: LEASE VARIATION. Please see application form for full details of the lease variation.
Comment closure date: 2011-07-27

Address: 6 Zeal Place, Holder, ACT

Development Application: 201018593

Desecription: DUAL OCCUPANCY-1 NEW DWELLING-ADDITIONS/GARAGE-Proposed construction of second dwelling. Alterations & additions to existing dwelling including new garage.
Comment closure date: 2010-09-24

Address: 56 Pearson Street, Holder, ACT

Development Application: 201018126

Desecription: MULTI DWELLING - DEMOLITION - 2 NEW DWELLINGS. Proposed demolition of the existing residence and construction of 2 new, two storey residential units.
Comment closure date: 2010-08-30

Address: 1 Pearson Place, Holder, ACT

Development Application: 201018055

Desecription: MULTI DWELLING - LEASE VARIATION - CONSOLIDATION - DEMOLITION - 9 NEW UNITS. Consolidate blocks 19 and 20 section 14 Holder and vary the Crown lease to permit a maximum of 9 dwellings; Demolition of the existing 2 residences and the construction of a new two storey, 9 unit townhouse development with rear garages and internal driveway.
Comment closure date: 2010-07-30

Address: 27 Mulley Street, Holder, ACT

Development Application: 200916475

Desecription: COMMUNITY FACILITY-GYMNASIUM-ADDITION: Proposed extension to the existing gymnasium of approximately 410m2; to include additional car parking and associated site works.
Comment closure date:

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